Bill Gates is still optimistic

Bill Gates was already one of the richest people in the world, the co-founder of Microsoft and the architect of our modern computing experience, and a hugely influential philanthropist. This year he won a new title: diviner. In a now famous TED talk in 2015, Gates warned that the greatest calamity of our time would not be a war, but a virus. He said we were not ready for the next outbreak. It turns out he was right.

For this episode of the Get WIRED podcast, WIRED editor-in-chief Steven Levy sat down for a intimate and broad discussion with Gates on the United States’ response to the coronavirus, its approach to testing, and some of the most promising avenues for vaccine development and therapeutic treatments. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has contributed more than $ 1 billion to vaccine research, of which $ 100 million is specifically earmarked for Covid-19 vaccines. Conspiracy theorists allege that Gates helps fund vaccines as a way to implant microchips in people, and Levy has had the opportunity to ask about the anti-science sentiment facing researchers and scientists.

Gates also weighed in on Microsoft’s bid for TikTok, Big Tech’s rust-proof dilemma – which could spark some already seen for Gates – and how his own life changed during the pandemic. Less travel, more masks: Bill Gates is like the rest of us, plus a few billion.

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